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Start-up capital estimate template

For starting a new business and making a mark in the business world you need to have a clear understanding about your budget and the expenses that will follow. A start-up capital estimate template enables your company to keep a record of these expenses in detail. You need to plan a perfect budget and then to follow it strictly for the growth of your business.

The name of your company is to be mentioned at the top and the body contains details of monthly expenses and the amount of money that will be spent one time only. The money that will be spent on advertising of your new company, wages of employees and bills are listed in monthly expenses that your company will bear very month. All taxes and cost of maintenance along with legal expenses are included in this column of expenditures too. The charges for installation of equipments, decoration and remodeling are listed under one time cost corner of start-up capital estimate.

Below is preview and download link of this free start-up capital estimate template,

Start-up capital estimate

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